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Rent or Buy - Finding a Place

Updated: Feb 15, 2018

With a preapproval in hand, I began my search. Although I did want that one two story six thousand square fit mansion with the finish basement, man cave, and theatre room. Sadly this dream home wasn’t in my budget. I had to face reality so the next best thing that I could think of as the young bachelor was to find a townhome. Doesn’t a townhome just represent the carefree life a bachelor? A big enough area to have guest over, low maintenance, a garage, and maybe a spot to put my grill. I began my search on Zillow and the local reality sight in the area. I drove by every town home community in this area. I found one that I liked that also fell into my price range then I began negotiated the price. The agent was firm on the price and I was ready to put the offer however, I had one minor request that I wanted but the agent did not budge and to add to that she was disrespectful. From that moment I decided to walk away.

An additional consideration I had when searching for a place is the proximity to things where I frequent often. The primary thing being where I worked. I have a gas guzzling pick up and I didn’t plan on paying high transportation cost, buying another car, nor spending my morning on long commutes into the office. With these things in mind I had my credentials for a home and I finally gave up on my desire to have a town home. I realize that with the cost of HOA fees I could pay someone myself to maintain the exterior of my home or in worse case, just do it myself. The search now came down to finding something in my price range, that I can rent/sell easy, that is close to my job. This was about four months into my search window, reference previous article.

I had to get things into gear or be forced to extend my lease which I wanted to avoid at all cost. I began searching for a property that met these conditions and I did not find many that were in my price range and were in live-able condition. Then one day while searching a neighborhood that was the ideal area for me stay, I drove by the property that my agent referred me too. I didn’t like the house but the area was cool, so I continued looking around and found a property that I had not seen before on any listing sites. I immediately went home and researched the place. The place was a HUD foreclosure and was just listed. It was in the price range, the area, needed minimal work, plus I really liked it. So, the time had come. I found a place. Now it was time for me to put in an offer.

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