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Rental Qualifications:

Our required standards for qualifying to rent a home are simple and fair. They are:

  • All homes are offered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, familial status and sexual orientation.

  • Each adult occupant must submit an application.

  • Your verified gross monthly income must equal approximately three times or more the monthly rent

  • A favorable credit history; however, bad credit will not prevent you from renting a home.

  • Be employed and be able to furnish acceptable proof of the required income, or pay rent in advance.

  • Good references, housekeeping, and property maintenance from your previous Landlords.

  • Limit the number occupants to 2 per bedroom.

  • Compensating Factors can include additional requirements such as double deposit, rent paid in advance, option to buy, or approved co-signer(s) for applicants who fall short of above criteria

  • Applicant may be disqualified and Manager may rent this home to the next qualified Applicant.

KeansWay Properties

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